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Imagine you spoke English, German, Spanish!
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English, German and Spanish Courses

We welcome everyone who decides to study English, German or Spanish in Naas. Our language school is focused on delivering high quality language courses to all our learners. We are located in Naas, Co. Kildare, just a few minutes from the town centre. We are modern and dedicated and that shows in our approach to teaching English, German and Spanish. Our main goal is to support and help our students to reach their goal, be it for career purposes, private studies or school. Our well structured language classes are held in small groups. It is also possible to book classes individually, one to one. We have the right course for everyone and we constantly update our course options. Everyone can afford to study with us, our prices are fair and competitive. Everyone can participate in high quality language education and a better future.

We offer English language classes


Speaking and using English improves your quality of life and broadens your career prospects. Apart from General English, we prepare for all major exams such as IELTS, CAE – Cambridge Advanced, FCE – First Certificate in English and PET – the Preliminary English Test.

We offer German language classes


German is a popular and useful language. It is an excellent door opener and has a positive impact on your career development. Learning German is not difficult with our well structured and intensive courses. Learn German properly from the start and get the confidence you need to speak it.

We offer Spanish language classes


Interested in one of the most important and widely spoken languages in our world today? Make your next visit to Spain special by starting to communicate in Spanish. Study Spanish step by step. Express yourself in Spanish almost instantly. Everyone can learn to speak Spanish!